65″ Plasma Display Screen Hire

Panasonic TH-65PF10

With the Full HD resolutions, a picture quality is achieved which was previously simply inconceivable. Panasonic_65  Exquisite resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, allows the viewer to literally dive into a fascinating world of images. Inside, a 1080p processor works together with the new system LSI with HD optimiser. This detects the MPEG artefacts upon the receipt of digital HD signals, reduces them ensuring clean and clear pictures. In order to further increase the panel performance, the 1080p driver supports 16-bit image processing, guaranteeing super-crisp motion sequences.

4,096 brightness steps create pictures that are so vivid and realistic that they directly address the viewers emotions. In darker environments, the ‘Super Cinema Mode’ can achieve a particularly rich shade of black and an amazing contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Unique connection capabilities through the use of plug-in boards allow high-performance and flexible solutions for professional applications.

Dimensions: 1,554mm (W), 925mm (H), 99mm (D), Weight: 72kgs, Weight inc F/C: -169kgs, Power Consumption: 725W: Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

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Panasonic TH-65PF20

In addition to high-resolution images, professional displays must provide system expandability panasonic-65xgaand durability for long-term operation. That is why Panasonic professional plasma displays offer highly detailed images for digital signage use and presentations, in an energy-efficient design that lowers power consumption. Plasma panels precisely depict even the tiniest details and offer high luminous efficiency, while remaining free of mercury and lead, to help conserve the environment.

To take maximum advantage of the inherently superior black expression of self-illuminating plasma displays, the newly developed panel allows the PF20 Series to emit light without the use of a pre-discharge. Its high contrast teams up with deeper black reproduction — which forms the basis of image expression — to render rich textures in images with subtle shading and colour differences.

Dimensions: 1,554mm (W), 925mm (H), 99mm (D), Weight: 55kgs, Weight inc F/C: -169kgs, Power Consumption: 660W: Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

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Panasonic TH-65PF50

The 65” TH-65PF50 Full-HD professional plasma display combines industry-leading technologies panasonic-42_hdfor outstanding image quality, reliability, and innovative 3D compatibility, all in a sleek design. Making the TH-65PF50 an ideal professional display for digital signage with excellent information transmission performance across applications including flight and travel information, libraries, shop windows, shopping centres, financial institutions, and hotel and company receptions.

Motion image display performance has been increased, and afterglow has been shortened from previous plasma display models, so even fast-moving images like sports and action, can be displayed with excellent stability and minimal blurring. Rich shading and gradation faithfully reproduces the textural quality and depth of the original video source. Original light emission control technology ensures crisp, clear 3D images.

Dimensions: 1,554mm (W), 925mm (H), 99mm (D), Weight: 60kgs, Weight inc F/C: -169kgs, Power Consumption: 510W: Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

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