85″ Plasma Display Screen Hire

Panasonic TH-85PF12

Panasonic’s new NeoPDP technology achieves twice the luminous efficiency as our85_panasonic
previous models, thanks to new materials and a new structure for the plasma
display panel, together with a complete revamping of circuitry and drive
technology. NeoPDP boosts brightness and contrast, and improves moving picture
performance. From brilliant whites to robust blacks, it has richer gradation.
And it displays rapid movements, such as sports action, with enhanced detail.
NeoPDP technology even reduces the panel weight.

Dimensions: 2,015mm (W), 1,195mm (H), 99mm (D), Weight: 117kgs, Weight inc F/C: 270kgs, Power Consumption: 1,100W: Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

Download Spec / User Manual


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