55″ LCD Display Screen Hire

Samsung ME55C LED Display screen

Samsung MEC Series professional displays offer your business a high image resolution and lightweight, space-saving designme55.

The Samsung MEC Series delivers high-quality images without the distortion, blur or glare inherent in traditional projectors to provide productive, distraction-free presentations. An ultra-clear panel provides sharper, more detailed images and enhanced picture quality. The panel also reduces light scatter and reflection to enhance readability. An enhanced contrast ratio and high brightness support more attractive, vibrant displays with detailed images.

The Samsung MEC Series offers powerful connectivity, even when working with RJ45 and RS-232 connections, which competing displays solely rely upon. With the Samsung line of LED LFDs, both network types can be used simultaneously. Using a DVI loop out, a single presentational image can be shared with nearby screens. This feature eliminates the need to purchase separate video signal distributors for each device.

Dimensions: 1,248mm (W), 722.4mm (H), 29mm (D), Weight: 16.4kgs, Weight inc F/C: -67kgs, Power Consumption: 122W: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HD

Download Spec / User Manual

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