6,500 Ansi Lumens DLP Projector

Panasonic PT-RZ670 Laser Light Powered Projector 6,500 Ansi Lumens Projector

Edge Blending

The edges of adjacent screens can be blended and their luminance controlled.edge-blend

Color Matching

This function corrects for slight variations in the color reproduction range of individual projectors.
The PC software assures easy, accurate control.

Digital Image Enlarging

The PT-RZ670 Series features a digital zoom function that allows PT-RZ670-Angleimages to be enlarged up to 10 times (horizontally and vertically). Up to 100 units (10 x 10) can be edge-blended at a time to create large, multi-screen images.

Geometric Manager Software

This function adjusts the image for projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially  shaped screens. You can make the adjustment easily using only the remote control, with no external equipment needed and also, up to three sets of adjusted data can be stored as PC1, PC2 and PC3.
New 4-Corner Adjustment and Keep Aspect Off functions also simplify fine adjustment.

Also supplied with the Geometry Manager Pro software this offers geometric_softwarea more flexible and complex geometric adjustment capability, and supports color matching and edge blending for multi-screen projection. It also makes adjustments for multiple projectors fast and easy over a network.

Quick Spec
Brightness: 6,500Ansi, Dimensions: 498mm (W), 200mm (H), 581mm (D), Weight: 24kgs, Weight inc F/C: -kgs, Resolution: 1920×1200 HD, 1xDLP, Power Consumption; 720W


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