Analogway Saphyr Switcher Hire

High-End Seamless Switcher

Analog Way’s Mixers & Seamless Switchers are designed to meet any requirement, whether it is for live events, conferences or integrations. With from 2 up to 12 analog and digital inputs and from 2 up to 4 scalers, our Mixers and Seamless Switchers offer multi-format mixing, edge blending, matrix switching and quadravision capabilities, with a variety of stunning dynamic transition effects.

Analogway Ascender 48

Analogway Ascender 16

Analogway Pulse 300


Saphyr at a glance

  • New Remote Control Software: RCS² (Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Very fast processing and true Seamless switching
  • 2 operating modes: Mixer and Native Matrix modes
  • Up to 3 layers on Frame Background
  •  Full audio digital compliant on DVI-D & HDMI Plugs
  • Quick Frame mode
  • Ability to modify the Program in real time without using the Preview
  • New Freeze features (Input/layer/screen)
  • New Dynamic Fit
  • Capability to switch between any input plugs (16 plugs available)
  • New Mosaic Preview
  • Video output (CVBS, YPbPr, 3G-SDI)

Key features

  • 10 Seamless inputs
  • 2 outputs (Program and Preview)
  • 16 input plugs available (4 x DVI-D, 4 x HDMI, 4 x Universal Analog & 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI)
  • Layer: Pan & Zoom resizing up to 1000%
  • All audio inputs can be embedded or de-embedded on all plugs
  • Audio Top layer mode
  • Balanced stereo audio on all outputs
  • 2 S/PDIF inputs and 2 S/PDIF outputs
  • Chroma/Luma Key and Titling
  • 8 Memory Presets per output (64 via RCS²)
  • 8 Full Frames, 8 Logo Memories & 1 animated Logo
  • Mosaic Preview mode: 1 live image and 9 images refreshed as fast as possible or 10 images refreshed as fast as possible

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